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Many studies in our lab focus on the fact that, order as we age, viagra our brains start to use two hemispheres when our younger selves used just one. This phenomenon, called contralateral recruitment, remains controversial because its neural correlates are still poorly understood. To investigate this phenomenon, we used a lateralized word-matching paradigm that […]

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is characterized by the presence of disturbances in emotional processing and its associated neural responses. A critical question in this domain is whether the neural correlates of these alterations are affected by therapeutic interventions. This study used fMRI to compare neural responses to emotionally positive, click negative, and neutral pictures in […]

Older adults recall less episodically rich autobiographical memories (AM), prostate however, see the neural basis of this effect is not clear.  Using functionalMRI, we examined the neural correlates supporting memory retrieval while young and older adults searched for and elaborated upon AMs.  Our results suggest that the age-related attenuation in the episodic richness of AMs […]

According to the Attention to Memory (AtoM) model, here dorsal parietal cortex (DPC) mediates top-down attention processes guided by retrieval goals, viagra 40mg whereas ventral parietal cortex (VPC) mediates bottom-up attention processes captured by the retrieval output or the retrieval cue. This model also hypothesizes that the attentional functions of DPC and VPC are similar […]

As we age, treat our brains change quite dramatically and shrinking in size and changing in composition. We conducted a study to examine one rather overlooked element of this changing composition, store mainly the idea that myelin—the sheaths around our nerve cells keeping everything running smoothly—degenerate as we age. In order to study this we […]