Visiting Researchers

September 10, 2018

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the visiting researchers starting with us this month! Tuíla Felinto and Lijuan Wang will be with us a full year. Tuíla is a Ph.D. student from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, and Lijuan is a professor from the Psychology School of […]

Roberto Cabeza with Cabeza Lab Alumni at MDRS 2017, Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.

Multivariate functional connectivity analyses of neuroimaging data have revealed the importance of complex, distributed interactions between disparate yet interdependent brain regions. Recent work has shown that topological properties of functional brain networks are associated with individual and group differences in cognitive performance, including in episodic memory. After constructing functional whole-brain networks derived from an event-related […]

The “illusory truth” effect refers to the phenomenon whereby repetition of a statement increases its likelihood of being judged true. Behavioral evidence suggests that illusory truth should be mediated by brain regions previously linked to fluency, vialis 40mg such as the perirhinal cortex (PRC). To investigate this possibility, we scanned participants with fMRI while they […]

A common approach in memory research is to isolate the function(s) of individual brain regions, unhealthy such as the hippocampus, view without addressing how those regions interact with the larger network. To investigate the properties of the hippocampus embedded within large-scale networks, diagnosis we used functional magnetic resonance imaging and graph theory to characterize complex […]