Using behavioral and neuroimaging methods, we investigate the cognitive and neural mechanisms of memory and emotion and how they change across the lifespan.

As we age, treat our brains change quite dramatically and shrinking in size and changing in composition. We conducted a study to examine one rather overlooked element of this changing composition, store mainly the idea that myelin—the sheaths around our nerve cells keeping everything running smoothly—degenerate as we age. In order to study this we […]

3/2009 – Science Magazine has published a story on SenseCam, cialis a wearable camera that records thousands of pictures passively. Our lab is currently using this device in studies of autobiographical memory. view article

Click the links below to see media coverage of Huijbers, Pennartz, Cabeza, and Daselaar’s paper, “When Learning and Remembering Compete: A Functional MRI Study.” Medical News Today, e! Science News, Lab Spaces, Medicine World, The Washington Post, La Repubblica Italian newspaper, de Volkskrant Dutch newspaper There is also a video about the study, which is currently […]

08/2008 – Roberto Cabeza and his colleagues discuss the role of the parietal cortex in episodic memory in Nature Reviews Neuroscience special issue on memory systems. View it here

07/2008 – Peggy St. Jacques’ artwork has been chosen for the cover of the July 2008 issue of The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. The artwork was inspired by St. Jacques et al. (2008), “The Short and Long of It: Neural Correlates of Temporal-order Memory for Autobiographical Events.” [PDF]