Watching my find unfold vs. yours (St. Jacques et al., 2011, JoCN)

June 15, 2011

Whereas ventral mPFC (medial prefrontal cortex) has been associated with inferences about one’s own self, dorsal mPFC has been associated with inferences about others. We investigated this distinction using a novel camera technology that automatically takes hundreds of photographs when worn. We fMRI-scanned young participants while viewing movie clips depicting events from their own life or from someone else’s life. Self-projection to the personal past (SPS condition) elicited greater ventral mPFC activity (Region B), which varied as a function of reliving ratings and covaried with activity in a medial temporal lobe memory network. In contrast, observing another person’s perspective (SPO condition) elicited greater dorsal mPFC activity (Region A), which was modulated by understanding ratings and covaried with activity in a fronto-parietal control network.

St. Jacques,P., Conway, M., Lowder, M. & Cabeza, R. (2011). Watching My Mind Unfold versus Yours: An fMRI Study Using a Novel Camera Technology to Examine Neural Differences in Self-projection of Self versus Other Perspectives. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 23:6, 1275–1284. 

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