Overlapping parietal activity in memory and perception (Cabeza et al., 2011, JoCN)

March 1, 2011

According to the Attention to Memory (AtoM) model, here dorsal parietal cortex (DPC) mediates top-down attention processes guided by retrieval goals, viagra 40mg whereas ventral parietal cortex (VPC) mediates bottom-up attention processes captured by the retrieval output or the retrieval cue. This model also hypothesizes that the attentional functions of DPC and VPC are similar for memory and perception. To investigate this last hypothesis, we fMRI-scanned participants while they performed memory and perception tasks, each comprising an orienting phase (top-down attention) and a detection phase (bottom-up attention). Consistent with the AtoM model, orienting-related activity for memory and perception overlapped in DPC whereas detection-related activity for memory and perception overlapped in VPC.

Cabeza, R., Mazuz, Y.S., Stokes, J., Kragel, J.E., Woldorff, M. G., Ciaramelli, E., Olson, I. R., & Moscovitch, M. (2011). Overlapping Parietal Activity in Memory and Perception: Evidence for the Attention to Memory Model. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 11, 3209-3217. 

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