Open to applicants with different backgrounds:

  • For those with a background in cognitive psychology or related disciplines but little experience in fMRI, the CabezaLab offers the opportunity to learn fMRI methods and to apply them to favorite research topics
  • For postdoctoral students with a technical background in biomedical engineering, computer science, etc., the CabezaLab offers the opportunity to apply these technical skills to well-defined scientific problems
  • Finally, for students with experience in both cognitive neuroscience and fMRI research, the CabezaLab offers the opportunity to expand this training to novel ideas and methods and to conduct cutting-edge research on cognitive neuroscience of memory and/or aging

Typical annual plan

  • Conduct one fMRI study as principal investigator (scanning fees paid by Dr. Cabeza’s grants) and report its results in one manuscript and one conference
  • Collaborate with graduate students and research assistants in one or two fMRI studies and be a co-author in resulting manuscripts and conference abstracts

How to apply?

  • Applicants with own funding:   Send a CV and the names of three referees by e-mail to Dr. Cabeza (
  • Applicants without own funding:  Check if a postdoctoral position is open by email to Dr. Cabeza (