Listed below are our posters from the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting 2023!

Maxi Becker – Humboldt University, Berlin
How to measure insight-related visual representational change in cortex using MVPA & RSA


Loris Naspi – Humboldt University, Berlin
Is false recognition in aging due to an emphasis on semantic information at encoding? An fMRI study


Pedro Espinosa de Villafranca – Humboldt University, Berlin
The Effects of Hierarchical Feature Overlap on False Recognition: Perceptual and Conceptual Contributions to Familiarity


Xinhao Wang – Humboldt University, Berlin
Increased Evidence Accumulation as Neural Marker for Perceived Suddenness During Visual Insight Solutions


Matthew Slayton – Duke University 
Cortical Dimensions Supporting Mnemonic Semantic Factors


Ricardo Morales Torres – Duke University
Visual recognition memory of complex scenes is driven by categorical, but not by sensory visual representations


Christina Yu – Duke University
Similarity and Distinctiveness of Memory Representations Predict Subsequent Memory for Different Semantic Categories


Shenyang Huang – Duke University
Hippocampal functions modulate transfer-appropriate cortical representations supporting subsequent memory


Anna Karlsson – Humboldt University, Berlin
Age differences in contextual binding


Erin Welch – Duke University
Schema effects on memory representation: Aging and MCI


Tuila Maciel Felinto – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Memory Training with Realistic Stimuli Improves Autobiographical Memory Performance in Older Adults


Mags McAllister – Duke University
Functional Connectivity and Memory Success in Aging and MCI