Maxi Becker

Postdoc (Humboldt/Einstein)


I’m a cognitive neuroscientist and philosopher of science by training. I work with Roberto Cabeza as a PostDoc in the Berlin lab, doing research on the intersection between memory and creativity using different techniques such as neuroimaging, eyetracking and behavioral online studies.  My long-term goal is to demystify insight and creative cognition by uncovering their underlying neuro-cognitive mechanisms.


Becker, M., Schubert, T., Strobach, T., Gallinat, J., & Kühn, S. (2016). Simultaneous interpreters vs. Professional multilingual controls: Group differences in cognitive control as well as brain structure and function. NeuroImage, 134, 250–260.

Becker, M., Wiedemann, G. & Kühn, S. Quantifying insightful problem solving: a modified compound remote associates paradigm using lexical priming to parametrically modulate different sources of task difficulty. Psychological Research 84, 528–545 (2020).

Becker, M., Sommer, T., & Kühn, S. (2020). Verbal insight revisited: fMRI evidence for early processing in bilateral insulae for solutions with AHA! experience shortly after trial onset. Human Brain Mapping, 41(1), 30–45.