There are three options for gaining undergraduate research experience in the Cabeza Lab:

1. Volunteer

  • Volunteers typically work in the laboratory for less than one year (e.g. summer)
  • This is the best option for seniors who need research experience in order to apply for medical school but are pressed for time due to heavy course loads

2. Independent Studies (for credit or honors)

  • Independent study in Junior or Senior year: specific project supervised by Dr. Cabeza (More on independent study). For independent studies, the application process should begin well before the beginning of the term, as a brief proposal must be submitted and the student enrolled in the Independent Study before classes start.
  • Graduation with Distinction: research project is reported in a thesis (More on graduating with distinction)

3. Work-study

  • For students with financial needs, or those who assist the lab for a substantial amount of time
  • Students eligible for Duke or Federal Work-Study financial aid are especially encouraged to apply
  • $8.00 to $12.00 per hour depending on duties and experience


  • Minimum GPA: 3.6
  • Minimum length (does not apply to volunteers): one year
  • Minimum time per week: 10 hours

To apply, please contact the Cabeza Lab via email at